Ice Cream

Based in Devon and launched in partnership with Dunstable farm Ice Cream we launched "The Devon Ice Cream Copmpany". With year on year growth and a lot of research into what makesa great Ice Cream we have won several awards at Bath and West Show, as well as the Devon County Show. Clotted Cream Vanilla, Toffee Fudge and Blackberry Crumble won first prize, and the Raspberry Pavlova and Double Chocolate came a very credible second. Other ice cream supplies include Dunstaple Farm, Lovingtons, Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream. We also supply a full impulse range from Wall's, Nestle, Treat, Cadbury and Mars. In addition to ice cream, we offer a small, but expanding range of frozen foods.

The Devon Ice Cream Company
Lovingtons Ice Cream
Kellys of Cornwall Ice Cream


Wall's Ice Cream
Nestle Ice Cream
Mars Ice Cream
Cadbury's Ice Cream
Treats Ice Cream Products